1) Cross That Line
2) Ghost
3) Line in the Sand
4) Pretty Stranger
5) Birds Fly
6) Love Me You Don't
7) Waiting for Me
8) Real Life Toy
9) You Don't Have to Worry...
10) Letter to Lily
11) I Don't Wanna Be Around
Produced by Frank Lazarus
Engineered/Mixed by Rob Carpenter

Get back, baby, I'm allowed to be

Tired of the way you've been treating me

It took a while, but I finally see

Wanna put an end to this losing streak


I see you coming, but don't you cross that line

No, I ain't funning - don't you cross that line

Little boy, you don't get to have me no more


You got lucky with a girl like me

At least the girl that I used to be

So many things that I didn't see

Now my sights are set on breaking free


You didn't treat me right - you used me for the last time

Now, I'm gone

Don't ask me to come back; it'll never happen

No, no, no




Tossing and turning; the clock says it's 4:00

Minutes turn to hours, your memory is here evermore
I thought I heard you knock on my old wooden door

When I got there, I was alone, just like before


Yea, I wish it coulda worked out, but everything went wrong

I can't believe i even held out hope for so long


You were the one I loved the most

But you're happy to be a ghost

You were the man I loved the most


Smell of you on my pillows, still; your CDs stacked on my windowpane 
All those notes under my bed; hearts drawn 'round your name

But you'll never hear those songs, cuz I set them all to flame

Happy to be a ghost, just slowly fade away


Your concert tee's all faded cuz I wore it out

But lately i'm so jaded, I just threw it out


When I walk, I stick to the ground

When you talk, I get sick from the sound

But even when I lock this door, you rise up from the floor

I can't forget you when you're always around


Leaving you behind me, baby, is easier said than done

You know where to find me, baby, like you've always done





You fell out of a cloud - you made such a sound

I didn't wanna turn around, but I'm never one to look away

I helped you off the ground - maybe I held you down

I can hear my mother now: "Don't make promises you can't break."


You won my hand without placing a bet

You know things about me I ain't figured out just yet

But there's a line in the sand, we ain't crossed it yet

We're just waiting for the water to wash it away


I faked a frown - you loved me anyhow

Ain't it funny how it turned out? Guess it's the way it's supposed to be

But there's something I'm curious about

How can you love without doubt?

Hasn't all that you've done without turned you off somebody like me?


We drive to the ocean, but we can't get wet

So we start kicking over sandcastles for the sake of it

But that line in the sand - how could we forget?

We're just waiting for the water to wash it away


I'm drowning too, babe, so don't you fret

We can drown together as the red sun sets

Then that line in the sand won't hurt us a bit

Cuz we'd be the water that washed it away




No, boy, you ain't that far away

Shadow keeps bumping into me

Your eyes shine bright set me on fire

Strong hands, soft smile
Fill me with mystery like it used to be

'fore I thought I saw all there was to see, boy


Tell me, what's this thing you're trying

You know, my love is on the line

Still, I won't lie, I wanna know you tonight

Least for a little while

I just wanna get next to you, see what you'll do

When a love sick fool's all into you, boy


Pretty stranger, don't let go

Pretty stranger, how did you know

That i would wanna be a part of your game

You play it cool, i'm such a fool

For someone like you

Tonight, I wanna do all we can

Cuz you may never be as pretty again, boy


Oooh, look at what I've done

I've pulled you into my flood

Without even asking if you could get wet

You ain't seen nothing yet

I don't know what it's called,

But i want it all

I wanna fly real high for I take a fall, oh


Pretty stranger, don't let go

Pretty stranger, how did you know

That i would wanna be a part of your game

You play it cool, i'm such a fool

For someone like you

Tonight, be what I need you to be

'fore we ruin it all with memory


I'll love you forever for tonight

Here it is just take it

Don't you worry I won't let you break it

Even if you do, baby I won't blame you

I wanted it too




I was busy missing someone I never met
Blowing kisses to the sky
I wasn't alone - no I was tied to a love I didn't have yet
In too deep to question why


Then you came out of a cloud, like April rain
The soft and sweet kind
Too good to be true? I thought real love was only hurting and pain
But your loving changed my mind


I left my love on the ground
The moment you came around
Just for a while, I thought smile again


There's something bout the way you love me
There's something but I wont lie
I know that you're gonna leave me
Cuz baby I know that birds fly
The very same things that please me
Are the things that make you fly
I know you don't mean to hurt me
Oh, baby I know birds fly


Love is never never-ending - that's what I tell myself
Else I'd drown myself crying 
Thinking about the love that I had that I wanted like nothing else 
That ill never forget despite my trying

I know I can't make you stay
I don't wanna put you in a cage
But you should know that when you go
I'm gonna watch you fly away




I know you like a mother knows a child

I can see the other in your eyes

Oh, we've been together so long

I took for granted our love being strong


You don't want me in your life

You say you do, but it's a lie

Baby, you're just being nice

Like you are all the time

But nice ain't gonna get us by


You don't love me I know

You don't love me no more

Oh, oh, oh, love me you don't


I know that I should let you go

But if I do, sweet baby, I just know

I'd run and chase you down the street

At least I'd want to 'til I fell on my knees


I'd get back up some day

Lock you into yesterday

But that's so easy to say

When i'm still so far away 

From not loving you all the same


There's a dark before the dawn

It's always dark when it storms

And I can feel one coming on

It's times like this that I want

To fall back into your arms





It was cold, it was dark

I was feeling old, I had no spark

It was just another one of those lonely nights to be

In love, I had no luck

I tried to rise above, but I was stuck

I told myself I'd never find nobody right for me


Then like a dream come true - boy I bumped into you

Like two little lifeboats in the wide open sea

Didn't know what to do - I turned away like a fool

But something made me turn 'round to see

You waiting for me


Got your name, heard you laugh

I did the same, nearly lost my breath

Felt so right I told myself it had to be a dream


Peek through my looking glass, finally past my past

Ready to pick up what love is throwing down

I just want this to last - not fade like all the rest

Boy I'm so glad I turned around


Waiting for me - finally

Boy it feels me up more than I ever thought I'd be

I feel so free, like it should be

Got me laughing to myself, all because you waited for me


Hey, boy, I wonder how it would have been

If I kept on walking and never seen you again

Wouldn't know what I was missing, and that'd be a sin

If I'd wasted that moment when




Time moves so slow when you aren't here
Baby its so clear
That I am so much better when you're near
Oh, just like I feared

10 to midnight, this picture in my head
Ain't what is happening in my empty bed
I know you must be sleeping like a man thats dead
But I thought you'd wanna come over and play with me instead
My real life toy, ooh, ooh, ooh

You know what you've always done to me
So easy to see
Its true, boy and you use it against me
Just like it should be

There must be a reason why we ain't as one
Why we're all but strangers in spite of all we've done
I don't want your love or money - I only want some fun
I forget you in the morning, but when the day is done
You're my real life toy...

Tomorrow, i'll get myself together
Regret it all, and swear off you
But some nights, boy, take forever
And you and I we both know the truth

Outside its so cold, but in here its hot as hell
Im wearing all this yearning but I don't wear it well
I promise not to turn away if you promise not to tell
Moments of no memory, such an easy sell
My real life toy



You're half as happy as the pretty song that bears your name

And twice as likely to stake your very own claim to fame

You're coal black and saintly, dancing to your own pain


If I had a dollar every time I met a boy like you

I'd have a dollar, and I'd spend it getting close to you


You're scared when being scared fits

But still a slave to the thought of it


You don't have to worry about me

I am what I claim to be

A drifter on a lonely street, dancing to my own beat

No, you don't have to worry about me


When you were younger, boy, I wonder what they did to you.

What kind of blunder made you think and act the way you do?

In the rain and the thunder, you find your skies of blue


I wonder if your teachers knew

What their smiles did to you


You don't have to worry about me

I am what I claim to be

A drifter on a lonely sea, going where the waves take me

Out where only you can see

You don't have to worry about me




Lilly, wipe away your tears
Shed the blame, and lay down your fears
Your heart's on your sleeve, the threads came undone
You're tempted to leave, but don't you run away
Nobody is gonna chase


Heavy weather ain't no place to hide
Baby, you should know, how you've tried
Ducking for cover, fighting for air
Doing for others who don't even care to see
Just how special you can be

Break down those walls you built on your own
Give yourself time, see how you've grown
Forget the things you wish you had known
Lily find piece and come back home


You were young and got hurt in his wake 
A victim of both your mistakes 
Don't you forgive, don't you forget
As long as you live, don't you regret a thing
Just close your eyes and sing


Oh, sweet Lillie I hope now you see
Always and forever,

Sincerely me...




You're a liar baby - your'e not fine at all

Since I left you baby, all you do is crawl

You cry "Baby baby" with that pseudo-drawl

Then cry-y-y when I don't return your calls

All I ever wanted from you was a smile


I've been bad to you babe - yeah, it's sad to say

You're so glad to see me - I wanna run away

I get mad at myself but do it anway

Time and time again - it'll never change


A woman ain't gonna love you cuz you ask

Even if you get her to it won't last


Leaving you baby would be wrong

If here, as your lady, was where I belong

I wanna know - I wanna know - I wanna know

Why you want me here if I don't wanna be around


I tell you what I want - you tell me you can't

I tell you that I'm gone - you say "not just yet"

Keep me up until dawn - one of your little rants

But I-i-i-i don't hear a word of it


No, baby, don't look at me like that

At least I didn't just leave you flat


All Songs written by Cat Myles & Frank Lazarus, c. 2012 Tee'N'Hunny Music, BMI.