1) With A Broken Heart
2) Laid Back
3) Another Lonely Night
4) It's All Worth It
5) I Bring You Down
6) The Bed You Made
7) You Don't Have to Worry
8) I Never Used to Cry

we got a special kind of strung out/you make it easy to be with you/from the first time that we hung out/all my worries fall away when I talk to you/baby, we work cuz we're different /no one else is in our cloud/we should have fallen, but we didn't /and we should be so proud, no doubt/when you put your hands on me, it's ecstasy/baby, you & me is just laid back/we dance in the street; smoke then we sleep baby, you & me is just laid back/when the world don't make no sense/we get in our car and drive/we ain't got no GPS, no/no, all we wanna do is ride/sand 'round our feet; hair in the breeze/baby, you me is just laid back/we bake in the heat then swim in the sea/baby you me is just laid back/when you're loving me, I feel 17/nothing's heavy; I can still breathe/we're living our dream; do what we please/baby, you meis just laid back/we don't need a lotta money/baby you and me is just laid back/hot toddies, flannel sheets/baby you mee is just laid back/you showed me what love could be/baby, you & me is just laid back/so glad our love is so laid back


Produced by: Frank Lazarus
All Songs by: Myles & Lazarus,
© 2017 T'n'Hunny Music 

i can hear the words 'fore they leave your lips/i can tell just by the look in your eye/you're going out again with all your friends/leaving me all alone here to just sit and cry/well, i ain't the kind of girl gonna tell you no/said if you wanna go, imma let you go/but when you're gone, i'll find my fun/with someone that would rather keep me close/do you know? do you know?/that if you go, i know right where i'll go?/i'm gonna run right into someone else's arms/because the last thing i want's/another lonely night?/never, never again/another lonely night?/i'd rather some other man/lately there's a separate beating in my heart/some kind of burning need to tear it all apart/there's less danger in a stranger/he's only gonna want a little piece/and not of my heart/i've been good. i've been so good/i've been too good/i didn't stray even when i knew that i could/deep down, i'm sure you knew i would/since you won't love me like you should/another lonely night?/never, never again/another lonely night?/i'd rather some other man/don't you dare - don't you dare put this on me/its only fair that i get me a little comp'ny/when you're not here, baby, to keep me warm/i ain't gonna freeze alone






it always a while for me to come around/your patience brings tears to my eyes /but i got issues, baby, as you're finding out/you wait til you shower but i still hear you cry/everything is always about me/my emotions keep keeping me down/but this is always how it's gonna be/it’s better for you if you just see it now/when i come around baby /i bring you down/it's clear to me now baby /i bring you down/i'm no good for you/i bring you down/everything i touch seems to fade a little bit/i got the scars on my heart to show/but that's as close as you're gonna get/some pieces of me will just never be yours/when i hit you up, baby/i bring you down/i don't give you enough, baby/i bring you down/i'm no good for you/i bring you down/i know this ain't what we hoped for/but i know that i gotta go/i know you'll be okay somehow/cuz i know, i know you'll realize/when i come around baby/i bring you down/it's clear to me now baby/i bring you down/when i take you hand, baby/i bring you down/don't you understand, baby?/i bring you down/i'm no good for you/i bring you down



you've got this way about you: you stay so cool/no matter what you do, i end up feeling used/but somehow i want more, coming back each time/i stopped keeping score of who's hurt each other more/best friends? enemies? who are we today?/we wake up something else each & everyday/i'm on the bed - you're on the floor/we can't remember why or who hurts each other more/maybe this is what we're meant to be/why should we change?/it's not perfect for you or me/and it hurts so bad every time you leave/but when you come back/it's all worth it baby/i got this thing about me: i lose my cool/everytime you want me to play by your rules/yeah, game's on: i tip-toe out the door/then you can't find me/so, who hurts each other more/guess somehow we like the pain/it helps us feel alive/it's like how nobody appreciates the rain/until it falls on a long, hot summer night/and in that moment, it's all worth it, baby



you're half as happy as the little boy that claims your name/but twice as likely to stake your very own claim to fame/you're coal black and saintly/dancing to your own pain/if i had a dollar every time i met a boy like you/i'd have a dollar and i'd spendit getting close to you/i'd like it greatly if you would like it too/you're scared when being scared fits/but still a slave to the thought of it/you don't have to worry about me/i am what i claim to be/a drifter on a lonely street/dancing to my own beat/no you don't have to worry about me/when you were younger, boy, i wonder what they did to you/what kind of blunders make you think and act the way you do/in the rain and the thunder, you find your skies of blue/i wonder if your teachers knew/what their smiles did to you/but you don't have to worry about me/i am what i claim to be/a drifter on a lonely sea/out where only you can see/you don't have to worry about me, no, no, no



who we are is what i swore i would never be/always fighting, always crying; always enemies/i saw it all go down right in front of me/i never used to cry/i never used to shed a tear/i never used to do anything but smile/i never gave in to my fears/i never used to cry/so much i could drown/no, i never ever cried - no that ain't no lie/until you came around/what makes me sad is that we had/something real



well i heard it all before/an old friend that you just saw/and you had to a to and say hello and now it's half-past 10/you spit lies to me, baby/now i'm throwing shade/your pillow's on the sofa/that's the bed you made/it's always the same thing/when i hear my phone ring/you carrying on & demanding to know just where i am/i ain't like those other boys/all the ones that strayed/keep this up and you'll be all alone/in the bed you made/you take me for a fool/babe, just once, be cool/don't know you how bad i love ya and i always will/cat: you can come back home, baby/frank: i can come back home, baby/But i won't be played/go on & make some room, baby, in the bed you made/if you don't think you got it made, made, made in the shade/then go and find you an upgrade/but when you're layin' layin' layin'/on the pavement, 'member, that's the bed you made


i stare into the sun, and it blinds me/i stare up at the sun to remind me/i've only been blue since i lost you/what am i to do with this broken heart/when you said goodbye i drowned in my tears/flew where no one would find me for a million years/you swore you'd stay for good/like a fool i thought you would/i can't move on with this broken heart/it's always hard to surrender/but it's twice as hard to do it with a broken heart/i remember every glance/what i'd would do for one last chance/to be done with this broken heart/it's always hard to recover but it's twice as hard/to do it with a broken heart



i'm not a saint/i'm to blame for a big part of this whole thing/but what i ain't is afraid to get my hands dirty/you're strong, but you got a flaw

you think you never do nothing wrong/if we don't try & get along/we're right where we belong/every day, a new rage/a new war somebody waged/another endless loop of blame/a new thing we've got to change/i'll blinks first!/i think we're worth the chance to turn it around/if one of us doesn't stand up/we're all gonna fall down/lets piece it together/can we claim that we gave everything we had saved/just in case a rainy day would ever come our way?/either we is or we ain't/no we can't have it both ways/don't wanna throw this all away/i wanna live in harmony/let's piece it together/i know it's hard to come so far, then go back to the start

the only chance that we got/is to tear this thing apart/then piece it together/let's piece it together



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all songs written by myles & lazarus, © 2017 T'N'Hunnie music, BMI.