1) Make My Own Way
2) I Just Gotta get to You
3) I'm Ready for You
4) Love Me Right
5) When You're With Her
6) You'll Love Me in Time
7) It's All 'Cuz of You
8) Impossile to Love
9) Ain't No Home
10) I Want Love...
11) Caged Heart
12) Bring Back the Ocean
13) Just Move On
14) This is Where it Ends
Produced by: Frank Lazarus
All Songs by: Myles & Lazarus,
C. 2014 Tee'N'Hunny Music, BMI
All Songs written by Cat Myles & Frank Lazarus, c. 2014-15 Tee'N'Hunny Music, BMI.

Oh boy, the last few days, I've been in a wicked haze

I can't eat, I can't sleep and I can hardly breathe

Yeah, I made my escape, but, baby, don't you chase

Cuz you could chase forever and still never catch me


You're a casualty of my happiness; a remnant of that beautiful mess

I made of my life when I was dirty and proud

Now I'm not saying I'm all clean, but I wiped off enough dirt to see

That you may be fun, boy, but I can't keep you around.


You always found the words to say

That used to made me change my mind and want to say

But that ain't gonna work today

Cuz I am bound and determined to make my own way


Boys like you made me drunk, and I drank so much, I stunk

I knew I'd just keep on drinking if I didn't speed out of here

Baby, see all that dust? That's all that's left of us

Last time I'll ever see you is in the rearview mirror


Baby don't you see the irony?

You set the traps that always made me feel so free.

You said you only did what was best for me.

I bet you never thought you'd see me make my own way


Oh, baby, if you ever wonder about me

Be lucky that I'm even in your memory.

I know exactly what I want to be.

But, baby, first things first, and first I need to make my own way





All the way from Philly up to Harlem

Got me feeling silly; I got a problem

Boy I just can’t get you off my mind

Speeding across the Verrazano

I need you boy I'm lost yea; It's crazy I know

Took me way too long to see the light


Yeah, I'mma drive straight through if that’s what I gotta do

I’m tried and true, and baby I ain’t gonna lose

I just gotta get to you


Saturday morning soul radio

I hear ya calling- WBGO

Knows how I feel for you inside

Every little white line flies by so fast 

Yea, said it reminds me of a past

I can't wait to leave behind


The city was our playground; it just aint the same without you

I turn the radio loud, but I can’t drown out these blues


Baby think of all those hot summer nights

When we get back home, you'll be by my side

Just right where you belong


Tank is flashing "E" - one more mile 

'til youre here with me; II can’t help but smile

Cuz this road has been too long





Today is a good day, baby, to say what I want to say

I can't let myself wait

I should just be brave if I wanna save myself the heartache

Of you going away


I'll just open my mouth

Whatever comes out, comes out


I wanna tell you something I bet you knew already

But I'll say it anyway: oh, yes, I love you baby

I just might fall down, so won't you hold me steady?

For me this is so heavy: baby, I'm ready for you


I know I'm a big tease - I come and I leave, pretty much as I please

But it's so you never see

How close I want to be, cuz when you touch me I fall so completely

It makes me weak in the knees


I'm never this head over heels

I'm scared of how good it feels


I wanna tell you something, boy, you should know already

But I'll say it anyway: oh, yes, I love you baby

Set free the butterflies that live in my belly

I'm such a Nervous Nelly, but I'm still ready for you


I played this out so much in my head

I'm liking this better instead 


I wanna tell you something I bet you knew already

But I'll say it anyway: oh, yes, I love you baby

My hands are trembling but  don't touch 'em, they're all sweaty

Go break out the confetti - oh, yes I'm ready for you


I wanna tell you something I think you know already

But I'll say it anyway: oh, yes, I love you baby

No, don't you say nothing, cuz you've done good and plenty

Sorry I kept you waiting, but now I'm ready for you





I've been biting my fingers - I've been pacing 'round the room

My desire lingers, boy - I need you here and I need it soon

I've been counting the hours - I've been tugging at my hair

My heart beats with such power - I want you so bad, it isn't fair


I don't need no shining 10 carat diamond

Baby, just love me right

You don't owe me nothing - I just want this one thing

Baby, just love me right


I've been turning the pages of all the stories in my mind

But my hunger still rages; only one thing keeps me satisfied


Other boys have come close, but I'm tired of almost

Baby, just love me right

You love me so good, boy, and you promised you would, boy

Baby, just love me right


When the world's got me tight, baby, take me with all your might, baby

Yeah, man, just love me right

You know where to find me; just come up behind me

And, baby, love me right

I'll beg if I have to: baby, please - I gotta have you

Just get here and love me right





You and her have had a long history

And this ain't jealousy please believe me

My heart sinks in my chest, thinking about where you are

Into the lion's den, deep and far


You say she was your soulmate once upon a time

You try to put my fears to rest and tell me that you're mine

But I don't feel fine


When you're with her I feel clear like water 

Like a piece of glass that's been broken and shattered

Like a grain of sand at the bottom of the sea 

When you're with her, you don't see me


When she sees you, she sees family

As if nothing happened and you didn't get the best of me

Baby, I'm screaming, but you can't hear

All the pain I feel comes out in my tears


You used to make love underneathe the sun

Your hand in her hand, 'till the day was done

Why even move on?


When I close my eyes I see her's

So I keep my eyes open, but it still hurts

Baby, don't you miss the old times? 

Don't you wanna give it one more try?

Don't you wanna walk away from me and say goodbye?




I thought I had you once, but it was just a dream

I didn't want to get up, then I couldn't fall back asleep

No, no, don't mean to tip my hand, but I wanted it so, so bad

May have been the sweetest dream I've ever had


Said, baby, I've known you for so long

I help you pick out jeans; you help me write songs

But, boy, I got me so many friends

Don't need another one of them

What I want right now is a man


I put myself on the line

And as you sit in silence, baby I'm dying

Say what I think you want to say

If you don't, just say it anyway

Cuz, baby, you'll love me in time


We can be everything that we were before

We can be everything and just a little bit more

I've got no other words to use

Baby, you the man I choose

My sweet love is an offer that you can't refuse





I knew when we started, I made my own bed

I listened to my heart instead of listening to my head

Even if I told you, you'd take what I said  and just laugh 

You never say you're sorry, when I run off, you don't chase

You never care to notice all the pain that's on my face

You think all those sins can just be erased, but they can't


You never bend, so I break 

It's more than I can take

Why don't you understand?


Just cuz you don't see me don't mean I don't cry, too

Just cuz you don't hear me don't mean I don't wonder why just as much as you do

Just cuz you don't feel me doesn't mean that I don't boo hoo

Boy, I do... It's all 'cause of you


Yeah, I try so hard, but I can't try no more

Boy, I know my heart ain't no revolving door

I used to toss and turn, but baby, now I'm sure

Yeah, I'm gone


Baby you leave me no choice

Now will you hear my voice?

I deserve so much more


By your side I was lonely 

Now alone I am free 

To find someone to love me right





You say that I’m too hard to love

I run away when things get rough

A troubled soul, just like my dad

Left behind all the love he coulda had


Don’t know what to say, no

You grab my hand to make me stay

But all I wanna do is run far away


Because I’m Impossible to love - you said it yourself boy

I’m impossible to love

I’m Impossible to love - you can’t take it back now

I’m impossible to love…oh oh oh


Or is it me and who I am

Scared to let you in & be your woman

Like a butterfly that lands on your hand

Stays for a minute then flies off again


Show me that you're not the same 

That flying off would be a mistake

Prove to me that my heart isn't destined to break


Cause I feel impossible to love  - I can't help it

I feel impossible to love

I feel impossible to love - I've always felt it

I'm impossible to love


I keep my heart locked up tight

I know it ain't right, but I can't help but fight 

S'just the way I've always been

The reality is that I may always be

Why don't you love me for who I am?


I got all these visions

Of you and I running through my head

But I wanna make them a reality instead 


I'm not impossible to love - I'll show you if you let me

I'm not impossible to love

I'm not impossible to love - I won't let you forget me

I'm not impossible to love





I stare at the window

Take a pull of my cigarette

It's 3 o'clock in the morning boy

And you ain't home yet

I'm still on fire from our last argument 

Seems like forever

But only 4 days came and went 

This ain't no home without you


I feel like the rain

That's been pouring on the ground

Wondering where you might be

And when you'll come back around 

Can't get to sleep cause I hang on everyone sound 

Ever since you up and gone, I've been sinking down 

This ain't no home without you


Can't cry no more cuz my eyes have dried out 

Boy this is the last time I'll do without 


Tired of sitting home waiting by the door

So I'm gonna grab my coat and keys

And leave you wanting more 

Boy you won this battle, but I'm gonna win the war 

You gonna walk back in

And start screaming what you shoulda said before





Something about you baby lately is strange

And now it's strange enough for me to walk away

You had this hold on me once

It kept me 'round when I really shoulda run away


You ain't nothing like anyone I know

I hardly even like you and I know it shows

You don't do the things that you should

I can't even believe I used to think you looked good


Yea, that used to be enough

When I wanted something to do

But now I realize


Baby, I want love more than I want you

I want someone who will see it through

Who'll rise above, I really don't care who

Baby, I want love more than I want you


Boy you give less than half of what you get from me

When I'm not looking, you're laughing I bet at me

We fight each other like enemies

I'm tired of giving you the best of me


I know you think you've got it made

Cuz I used to love you so much

But now it's different





This poor heart of mine turned so cold

When I was young, 17 years old

I gave so much of it - I still remember that day

Before I even knew what I was giving away


I dusted myself off and vowed that day

That I would never again feel that way

I feel so much more safe in my


Caged heart - I was all alone

Caged heart was all I’d ever known


This old heart of mine it got along

Just fine on its own

It coulda stayed that way had I not seen

You walk my way

In your worn out jeans


Oh what a surprise, I never knew

That I’d ever find a man like you

Who could break through my


Caged heart, what you do to me

Caged heart, you set me free


They say that cages are for sinners

But I don’t want to be a prisoner


Yours is a love that I earned

A sweet reward for time well served

My lesson learned


Caged heart, I can’t pretend

Caged heart, worst place I’ve ever been

I won’t go back again





I just want to swim in your love 'til my fingers prune
I'll be the tide, you be the moon

You be the sun and I'll be the sky
Shine your love on me, so bright
You could burn a hole through me - I wouldn't fight it

For every mistake that I've made
For never settling your heart
Before I took it all away and it all went dark
Bring back the ocean - let it drown my heart

Standing on the edge of the world
A world I tried to leave behind
I toss my message to the wind
'cuz I know you'll find it





Whatcha holding on to, babe? Why can't you move on?

You got no pride, wrecking up someone else's life cuz you hate your own

Ain't nobody's fault but yours you're alone


And here's something to remember: I'm not someone you'll forget

My simple gaze will haunt your days, you ain't over me yet

And you never will be, oh, baby I bet


Baby, If I ever really loved you enough

I'd still have you on my arm, not be shaking you off

Telling you to go away - go on, baby, get lost!


Boy, don't you get it? Look, I'm gone

It's true cuz I said it: you ain't the one

Oh, you'll regret : you were wrong

Boy, just forget it - don't drag this on

I ain't the one, so just move on


You shoulda done me right, boy; it woulda been so easy to do

Yeah, I told you plain what would have made me stay, but you didn't come through

That was all I needed to break away from you


When something's done, it's done and baby this is one

If you want love, you best find you someone

Who'll put up with what I would not, no, no


I know you think you're hitting me where it hurts

But I promise you, man, you're gonna feel it worse when we're through 

And nobodyelse is loving you





I work hard every day, but I've got nothing to show

Except this deep back ache and my worn out soles

When I get home, I'm too tired to think

So I turn off my phone  and pour myself a drink

Then I remember that he's not here

Cuz there's peace in the valley and a fridge full of beer


No there ain't no way he's coming back home

Until that man changes his ways

No there ain't no way, and I know he knows

He made one too many mistakes

Until that man makes some amends

This is where it ends


Work hard every day, but it ain't what I deserve

I'm still paying for my faith like I have since my birth

I gave that man everything I had

I'm not heartbroken - I'm just so damned mad


I said there ain't no way I'll let him back in

Until that man tells me he's sorry

No there ain't no way he's gonna slide on his sin

So many nights he left me to worry

Until that man makes some amends

This is where it ends


I ain't down with being wronged, being battered

By a man who should be strong, who should know better


No there ain't no way I'll let him back in my life

Until that man does something different

No there ain't no way because it ain't right

He swore he'd stop, but lord knows he didn't

Until that man makes some amends

This is where it ends